It's the Tool You Need

If you have Canadian postal address data then nCode is the tool for you. nCode helps many types of organizations with many different business applications solve all of their address data quality problems.

Let nCode help you turn a complex, costly problem into a competitive advantage.

Any Organizations

A wide variety of organizations benefit from nCode, including:

  • Financial Services: Banking, Insurance, Investments, Brokerage, Real Estate, Credit Bureaus
  • Telecommunications: Wire-line, Wireless, Cable, Internet
  • Retail: Brick and Mortar, Catalogue, Online
  • Consumer Goods Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Not for Profit: Charities, NGOs, Agencies, Colleges and Universities
  • Public Sector: Health, Social Services, Transportation, Education, Revenue and Taxation
  • Technology: CRM, BI, MDM, ETL, VARs and Integrators
  • Mailing Houses
  • Any organization with lots of address data…

Any Applications

Any business application that collects, retains, or uses address data can benefit from the power and flexibility of nCode. This includes in-house systems, custom third-party systems and packaged applications, such as:

  • Call Centres
  • Customer Care
  • Self Service Websites
  • Customer Master Database
  • Marketing
  • Merge/Purge
  • BI/Data Warehousing
  • OCR
  • Bulk Mailing
  • and many others…

nCode can be integrated with your applications to provide powerful address quality functionality to your users and customers. It can also help you to share address data seamlessly across several of your own systems or to integrate your systems with those of a business partner.

Your Business Challenges

nCode helps solve many common business challenges:

  • Reducing undeliverable mail
  • Ensuring timely delivery of critical, private and time-sensitive documents and parcels
  • Improving customer service and satisfaction
  • Reducing operational costs related to capturing and maintaining addresses and handling address problems
  • Matching (for inter-organization data sharing, credit bureau checks, etc.)
  • De-duplication
  • Ensuring decisions are based on high quality data

All Major Platforms

nCode is integrated with your applications on your platforms. nCode runs natively on every major platform, including:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Sun Solaris
  • HP-UX
  • IBM i (AS/400)
  • z/OS (MVS)
  • Any platform with a C++ compiler

Unlike the products from some other SERP software vendors, nCode products are identical on every supported platform and are built from a single C++ source code base. Don't see your platform on the list? Does your platform have a C++ compiler? Then nCode will run there too. This means you can use nCode on more than one platform, or you can migrate from one platform to another and everything you know about nCode stays the same. No matter what platform or platforms you use now and in the future, your investment in address quality will stay safe.