nCode Toolkit 10.0.760 Released

As good as nCode is, we are always looking for new ways to make it even better. Over time, new address matching challenges arise. Often, these new challenges are brought to our attention by the users of nCode. In order to give our customers the best address quality tools for Canadian postal addresses, we do our best to incorporate as many user suggestions as possible into our products, while steadfastly maintaining the stability and backward compatibility that we know our customers expect and deserve.

We have been incorporating many small improvements in our address matching algorithm into the nCode Toolkit, which is the engine underlying all of our nCode address quality tools. You can now download the latest build of the nCode Toolkit, version 10.0.760 which incorporates all of these improvements.

Although we always recommend using the latest nCode libraries, this update doesn’t contain any Canada Post rule changes or anything else which might make this update urgent or mandatory. You can choose to install this update, or if you wish, you can wait for a future update before upgrading.

The upgrade process is very simple, just download the nCode Toolkit libraries for your platform using your personalized nCode downloads page and copy the new DLLs/shared libraries/service programs over your previous versions.

If you have questions about upgrading the nCode Toolkit, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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