What is SERP recognition and why is it important?

Canada Post’s Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) is your guarantee that an address quality solution meets Canada Post’s minimum standards for validating and correcting addresses. In order to obtain SERP recognition, products such as nCode must successfully process test data provided by Canada Post. In order to qualify for postage discounts based on address accuracy, Canada Post requires your addresses to be processed by a SERP recognized product. You prove this by submitting a Statement of Accuracy Report (SOA) with your mailing. Only recognized products can produce the SOA report.

You should demand SERP recognition from your address quality solution as it will qualify you for postage discounts. Another reason to demand SERP recognition is that only SERP recognized tools are able to use Canada Post’s point of call address reference data. This is the most detailed and accurate reference data for Canadian mailing addresses and Canada Post will not allow it to be used, except by recognized software.

nCode meets and substantially exceeds SERP recognition requirements. Not all SERP recognized software performs equally well. Be sure to compare the results produced by nCode with the results from your current system and with other SERP recognized products. You will be amazed at how much better your results would be with nCode.

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