Right the First Time

Data quality isn't easy – especially if you don't have the right automated tools to help enforce accurate, consistently formatted results. Getting address data right is particularly difficult because there are so many different ways of representing and storing address data. Everyone has their own ideas about how an address should be formatted. What's more, there are many cities and streets with multiple official names. Add to that the many different notions of how to abbreviate keywords like street types and all of the variations of representing unit numbers. Keeping all of this straight is impossible without a tool like nCode.

The good news is that nCode can help ensure that your address data is right the first time. This is important to your organization because data quality problems get more difficult, more troublesome, and much more expensive to fix the farther away you get from the data source. nCode streamlines your address capture processes and assures the quality of your results. Bad addresses won't get into your systems, so you'll avoid expensive operational and customer service problems.

nCode helps save you time while ensuring your results are accurate and properly formatted, no matter how you capture your address data. It speeds your data capture processes while improving accuracy and standardization for any manual applications, including:

  • Call centres
  • Point of sale
  • Customer self-service
  • Paper forms and OCR

Simplify the integration and standardization of address data from multiple automated sources, including:

  • System migrations
  • Third-party data sets
  • Packaged systems
  • Departmental silos
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Enjoy the benefits of high quality address data including high customer service and satisfaction levels, efficient operations and better business intelligence and decision-making. Let nCode take the pain and guesswork out of getting your address data right.