Preserve the Value of Your Investment

You put a lot of effort into making sure you get your address data right. Accurate, properly formatted address data is a valuable information resource on which your organization depends. You need to preserve this valuable asset.

However, even if your addresses are perfect when you capture them, time and the real world are conspiring to degrade the quality of your valuable address data. People move, municipalities amalgamate, and Canada Post redraws the postal code map a little bit each year as the countryside becomes the outskirts, and as the outskirts become the suburbs.

This means that your address records must be continually reviewed to ensure they remain as valid as when they were first captured. Address quality problems are slowly creeping into your database. If you don't find and fix your address quality problems, they will find you!

With nCode, you can stop worrying about time and circumstances degrading your address quality. nCode gives you the tools you need to automate the monitoring of your existing address data. Many of the issues that are detected by nCode can be fixed automatically, and for those that can't, nCode provides assistance in finding and capturing the new, valid address.

Using the latest reference data published each month by Canada Post, nCode helps you stay on top of your address data quality. Proactively finding and automatically fixing address problems means that you won't have to suffer from a missed delivery, delayed invoice or anything else that results in a complaint to your customer service department.