Eliminating Undeliverable Mail

You need to know that when you send mail to your customer, it will get there without problems. Whether it's your product, an invoice or statement, promotional offers or other important information, timely, reliable mail delivery is essential to your operational efficiency. Having accurate address data is the vital first step in ensuring your mail is always delivered.

When your mail is lost or delayed it causes many problems:

  • Poor customer service
  • Cash flow problems due to payment delays
  • Wasted time and money spent identifying and solving problems
  • Lower promotional productivity because of reduced marketing mailing penetration rates

That's why you need your addresses to be right. You also want to make sure that your addresses are properly formatted and standardized. Would you trust your bank with your life savings if they can't spell the name of the town you live in? Preserve your professional image by ensuring that your addresses are not only accurate, but properly standardized and formatted.

With nCode, problems with undeliverable mail will be a thing of the past. nCode is recognized under Canada Post's Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP). We use the latest monthly reference data from Canada Post to ensure that your addresses are of the highest quality. With nCode, you can produce the Statement of Accuracy report that Canada Post requires in order to qualify for substantial postage discounts, so you save money on all of your postage and stop wasting money and time dealing with returned mail. nCode streamlines your logistical and mailing operations and helps make sure that every one of your marketing mailings finds your target audience.

nCode uses Canada Post's point of call address data ("PoCAD") for batch processing and production of the Statement of Accuracy report. This is the most specific and reliable source of mailing address reference data in Canada. With point of call data, even your apartment numbers are validated. Only SERP recognized tools like nCode can offer address validation using Canada Post's point of call reference data.