nCode Batch Processor Features

Reliable, accurate address data is one of your most valuable information assets. Give it the protection it deserves with the powerful nCode Batch Processor.

SERP Recognized Address Validation & Correction

Use the nCode Batch Processor to validate and automatically correct your Canadian postal addresses. nCode recognizes addresses in any format that you define, even fully free-form. nCode tells you if an address is right, and if it isn't, nCode automatically fixes it for you. nCode tells you exactly what's been done to correct each address. Detailed status information is provided for every address element so you know exactly what is happening with each part of every address.

To qualify for significant postage discounts, Canada Post requires you to process your address list with a software package recognized under its "Software Evaluation and Recognition Program" (SERP). nCode not only meets, it far exceeds the standards for SERP testing. With nCode, your addresses are not only certified, they're actually right. Cheaper stamps are important, but the cheapest stamp is the one you don't have to buy three times. That's why minimizing undeliverable mail is so important to your customer satisfaction and to your bottom line.

Standardization, Formatting & Transformation

nCode's address validation and correction features are highly configurable. Use nCode to ensure that all of your addresses are formatted according to Canada Post's conventions, or according to your own needs.

nCode also recognizes the acceptable and unacceptable alternative street and city names recognized by Canada Post as well as variations on address keywords and address syntax conventions. No matter what your data format or how well or poorly standardized it is, nCode optimizes your addresses and ensures they are formatted according to your preferences.

You may have many different sources of address data or you may simply have many different users each with their own unique ideas about how to input an address. Using nCode means you no longer have to worry about misaligned data fields, missing or incorrectly abbreviated address elements and other common address data quality problems. nCode removes all the variability and makes your address database accurate and consistent.

The nCode Workbench lets you transform valid and correctable addresses from any layout to any other layout in batch mode. This is very useful when importing data into your system from an outside source or when migrating data within your own systems.

Bilingual Address Support

nCode fully supports English and French addresses, including accents on street, municipality, and province names. For systems without accent support, nCode can be configured to omit accents. nCode also performs any necessary translation on street types and other standard address elements.

Reliable Reference Data

The nCode Batch Processor uses the latest Point of Call (Range Based) Address Data (PoCAD) reference data from Canada Post when producing a Statement of Accuracy report. This is your guarantee of the highest possible accuracy for Canadian mailing address validation and correction.

If you aren't producing a Statement of Accuracy, the nCode Batch Processor uses Canada Post's Postal Code Address Data (PCAD) in its address reference database. PCAD data is the most accurate, reliable and timely address reference data available for interactive address quality applications it's used in the nCode Programmers Toolkit. Like PoCAD data, PCAD data is updated monthly. Installing the monthly reference database update is as simple as downloading and copying a single 38MB binary file for PoCAD and 20MB binary file for PCAD.

Extreme Performance: Fast and Accurate

The nCode Batch Processor's address matching engine has an extremely aggressive algorithm that correctly matches many more addresses than are required to pass Canada Post's SERP testing. Do you already have a SERP software solution? Do you think it's pretty good? Take the nCode Challenge and let us show your how much better your address data quality could be with nCode.

The nCode Batch Processor is blazingly fast. Your processing speed will vary according to how you configure nCode and how much flexibility you give nCode to try alternate solutions to match your addresses; however, it's easy to achieve address matching rates well in excess of 2,000 records per second using the nCode Batch Processor with PCAD data. That's over 8 million addresses per hour. With PoCAD data (for Statement of Accuracy) rates of 1,500 records per second (5.5M / hour) are typical.

nCode Workbench – Powerful Tools for Analysts

The nCode Workbench extends the functionality of the nCode Batch Processor by providing additional features that help you work with your address data files on your Windows desktop or laptop:

  • Batch address transformation.
  • Enhanced address status information.
  • Ability to review address input and output on a record by record basis.
  • Production of additional address correction reports.
  • Recording of alternate address suggestions when a correction cannot be made automatically
  • Ability to segregate input files by address status.
  • Easily process multiple batch correction jobs simultaneously on multiprocessor PCs.