Hosted nCode Technical Details

Hosted nCode is powerful, flexible, fast, and extremely easy to integrate into your applications.

  • Based on native nCode libraries, which are built using C++ for maximum performance.
  • Any programming language can be used to integrate nCode with your in-house applications and packages.
  • Full technical documentation, including WSDL and sample source code is provided.

Hosted nCode Interface

The Hosted nCode API consists of SOAP/XML and REST/JSON web service methods that can be used by your applications to leverage powerful address quality functionality. The Hosted nCode API includes the most popular features of our on-premise nCode Web Services API, so you have a lot of powerful features to choose from. Most applications won't need more than one or two web service methods to achieve impressive address quality results – but it's good to know that the broad power of nCode is there if you need it.

  • Standards based SOAP/XML web services
  • Standards based REST/JSON web services
  • Accessible by any programming language that can access SOAP/XML or REST/JSON web services - on any platform, including C/C++, Java, C#, VB, Ruby, Python, RPG, COBOL and many others.

Zero Footprint, Huge Performance

Hosted nCode is deployed on our servers in Canada. There is absolutely nothing for you to buy, install, operate or maintain. Just call our web services methods from within your web-based application. Process 100 to 300 address corrections per second – or even more.

If you would prefer not to send data across the Internet you should consider nCode Web Services, which is deployed on your own network.

Reliable and Secure

Hosted nCode uses a separate web service method for authentication. The authentication web service method is called over Secure Socket Layer (SSL or https:) to ensure that your account credentials are never exposed to unscrupulous hackers. Most address quality web services expect your account credentials to be passed as clear text on unsecured channels, leaving you open to being ripped off. That will never happen with Hosted nCode.

Our servers are housed in a premiere hosting facility in Canada with direct connections to every major Internet backbone in the country and multiply redundant power systems. You can be sure that Hosted nCode will be there when you need it.

Configuring the Behaviour of nCode

nCode can be configured to operate in many different ways according to the needs of your application. You can control nCode's behaviour using the many configuration presets that we have defined. If for any reason your requirements call for some combination of configuration settings which have not already been defined, just let us know and we can create settings to meet your needs.

  • Analysis mode presets let you control how nCode recognizes and matches your input addresses.
  • Correction style presets let you control how nCode standardizes and optimizes your output addresses.
  • Address layout presets let you tell nCode how your input addresses are structured and how you would like your output addresses to be structured.