nCodeGeo Toolkit Overview

The nCodeGeo Toolkit is perfect for anyone who wants to build powerful geocoding capabilities into their in-house applications and packaged software. Adding latitude and longitude to your address data improves your understanding of where your customers are and how you can best serve them.

Based on the most comprehensive and accurate postal code geocoding data available for Canada, the nCodeGeo Toolkit gives you reliable results.

Very simple to use and easy to implement, the nCodeGeo Toolkit integrating easily into your existing software applications on any platform. nCodeGeo is also used by the nCode Workbench desktop application to geocode addresses in batch or one at a time.

The Features You're Looking For

nCodeGeo Toolkit features include:

  • Geocode a postal code. Get the location of a postal code as a latitude and longitude in decimal degrees or degrees/minutes/seconds format.
  • Find the distance and course between two postal codes. Calculate the distance and direction between any two points in Canada based on any combination of postal codes and latitude/longitude points.
  • Find nearby postal codes. Find out what postal codes are within a given radius of any point – or find the nearest postal codes to any point.
  • Quarterly updates of the reference database based on the latest reference data. With nCode, you always have up-to-date address information.

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Technical Highlights

nCodeGeo's advanced technology delivers superior results:

  • Coded in C++ for maximum performance and compatibility with your applications.
  • Reference data requires no third-party software to buy, install or operate.
  • Accuracy is assured by using the best available postal code centroid reference data and the most accurate mathematical methods for determining distance and direction.
  • Full technical documentation and working sample files are provided.

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Recommended For

The nCodeGeo Toolkit is perfect for:

  • Accurately locating addresses on a map.
  • Store locator and nearest point searches.
  • Business intelligence reporting.