nCodeGeo Toolkit Technical Details

The nCodeGeo Toolkit is very simple to use and easy to implement. It's currently available as a .NET DLL for Windows and will soon be available to run natively on any platform. nCodeGeo is also used by the nCode Workbench desktop application to geocode addresses in batch or one at a time.

Reference Database

nCodeGeo uses sophisticated compression algorithms to bring its reference database down to about 16.5MB This means unmatched performance in all your geocoding applications. nCodeGeo's database technology is proprietary, so there are no third-party database dependencies when using nCodeGeo. This means your costs are kept low and your systems management is kept simple. Deploying a new reference database update is as simple as downloading and copying a single file.


nCodeGeo has an open architecture, consisting of a function library (.NET DLL) which you can call from your systems. This lets you take maximum advantage of the features you need without forcing you to work with, or around, features that aren't important to you. nCodeGeo can work with latitude and longitude expressed in decimal degrees or in whole number degrees, minutes and seconds plus a direction. Work with the angle and distance units that make the most sense for your organization.

The nCodeGeo API is feature rich and flexible. Use as many or as few of the 27 API functions as you need to deliver powerful geocoding capabilities from right within your business applications and websites.


nCodeGeo uses the most accurate mathematical methods for determining distance and direction. nCodeGeo's calculations use the WGS-84 World Geodetic System reference ellipsoid, the same one used by the Global Positioning System (GPS). The reference data for postal code location uses "best-representative point" instead of a simple centroid, so the location of each postal code most accurately reflects the location of the population within a postal code. The reference data we use is a comprehensive collection of all of the most accurate and timely geocoding information available for Canadian postal codes – so you can rely on your results.