nCodeGeo Toolkit Features

nCodeGeo has many features that help you to maximize the value of your address database assets by giving your addresses geographical context. nCodeGeo helps you to improve customer service and make better decisions for your business.

Add these powerful and useful features to your in-house applications and packaged software – quickly and easily – with the powerful nCodeGeo Toolkit:

Locate a Postal Code

nCodeGeo will give you the location for any Canadian postal code. Longitude and latitude can be expressed as decimal degrees or as whole number degrees, minutes and seconds plus a direction.

Locate all of your customers on a map. Use geocoding to help identify service areas. Discover where your customers come from and make informed decisions about where to open your next location. It's all easy with nCodeGeo.

Find Nearby Postal Codes

Quickly learn which postal codes are within a given radius of a starting point. Find the nearest postal codes to any point. You can use either a postal code or a longitude and latitude as your starting point.

Provide a store locator service on your website. Find the nearest service locations for any customer address. nCodeGeo gives you the power to search based on location. Improve your customer service levels with nCodeGeo.

Find Distance and Course

Let nCodeGeo calculate the distance, and optionally the direction between any two points. These points can be postal codes or latitude/longitude coordinates. nCodeGeo helps you understand where your customers are in relation to your facilities. Augment your "store locator" feature with additional information including distance and direction to each of your locations.

Easy and Reliable

nCodeGeo uses the most comprehensive and accurate postal code geocoding data available for Canada. It's updated regularly so you always have the most up-to-date reference information. nCodeGeo is easy to install and operate and delivers great value.